Your Company's Challenge is executed free of charge

Is your organization facing a challenge in the field of Business Development and you would like to make use of the possibility of assigning graduate 4th-year students in Business Engineering (just before their final graduation project)? Then please register with us before October 16th 2018.

Your Company Challenge in Business Development is performed from 12 November 2018 until the end of January 2019.

Our students Industrial Engineering with the profile Business Development conduct prior to their individual graduation an assignment for a company. In the period from November 12th, 2018 until the end of January 2019, a team of two or three students, 2-3 days a week will be working on your business challenge. In the first week the students come to visit you for a first interview, after which they make the description of the assignment together with you, and then write a plan of approach in the first week. So they work for 7 or 8 weeks on the research & development of your business challenge and conclude with the presentation of their analysis and advise. Students can count on intensive coaching during the project of their lecturers at the Amsterdam University of Applied Science.

What are your advantages?
  • You address issues that deserve attention and give them a boost by assignment of  enthusiastic & educated 4th-year students in Business Engineering;
  • You can observe students at work and if you do appreciate this, invite one of the students to the subject in greater depth in his or her graduation project following from February 2019 - June 2019;
  • You and your company actively contribute to the training of the new generation of engineers and fit them to the needs from the field and thus give young professionals a good start at their professional career.

Some examples of possible assignments
  • You want to conquer a new market and want to validate the feasibility of your plan;
  • You want to define your market opportunities for distribution in the last mile in cities more sustainable and efficient;
  • You are interested in a proposal for restructuring your organization so you can adapt costs to the market size;
  • The demand for your products is rising above the maximum production capacity of your business. What are you going to do? Purchase new equipment, increase the price of your articles, outsource production or ...;
  • You wonder how you can innovate your business model, service a larger slice of the customer process through vertical or horizontal integration of the supply chain or develop a proposition that creates more value;
  • Have you taken over a company that supports your core business and you wonder how you can integrate this company to achieve synergies;
  • You have trouble in reaching the mass market with your new product. What is needed to bridge this gap from early adopters to mass market?

Are you interested?

We invite you to briefly describe the challenges of your organization, your vision and the desired result. Please send this information before October 16th, 2018 to m.j.boerema (at)

If you have questions or comments please let us know. You can email to m.j.boerema (at) or call 06-20611350.

We look forward to your response.

Sincerely, Martin Jan Boerema

Lecturer Business Development & Researcher Urban Technology

Industrial Engineering - Faculty of Technology – Amsterdam University of Applied Science

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